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The Ethmint White Label Solution

A toolkit to deliver an end-to-end security token journey.


An integrated suite of client solutions.

Implement the full security token journey for your clients, from creation and issuance, to management and corporate actions.

Industry-wide compatibility.

We’ve collaborated with leaders from across the industry to develop and launch the ERC1400 Security Token Standard, a protocol for creating smart contracts adopted by major exchange partners like tZero, Sharespost, and Open Finance.

Access to our ecosystem of trusted service providers.

We work with trusted KYC/AML, legal, broker-dealer, custody, and advisory partners to help you take your clients from token creation to issuance and beyond.

Ownership of a branded experience.

Provide your clients with our security token technology while owning the client relationship and experience.

Ongoing regulatory compliance.

Ethmint allows security tokens to be jurisdictionally and regulatory compliant. Our platform continues to evolve as the security token market matures and regulations change so that your token can adapt to meet those changes.

Working with Ethmint

Ethmint's white label solution can fit to your user journey, whatever it may be. Our flexible approach is key, integrating into your business when necessary so that you provide your clients the experience that works best for them. We meet to understand your goals and the type of journey that is important for you. Integrating with our smart contracts APIs, we’ll work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to add security token creation, issuance, distribution, and management to your platform and provide all the necessary tutorials and learning to set your team up for success.

Begin your security token journey

Work with Ethmint to bring security tokens to your clients or investors.

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