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Ethmint for Issuers

A solution that powers the entire security token journey.


An Issuer Solution


Reserve your token symbol and build your security token that can programmably enforce regulation.


Use our ecosystem of broker-dealers, KYC/AML, custody, law firms, marketing firms, and exchanges facilitate the compliance of and prepare for issuance for your security token.


Raise capital with a simple experience.


Take your cap table and convert it to security tokens.


Distribute tokens, distribute dividends and/or interest payments, and manage transfer restrictions from one place.

Easily create your Security Token today.


A tokenized cap table removes legacy middlemen and improves processes to reduce overhead, admin work, and transfer time.


Protect your investors with a perfect record of ownership on-chain at any time.

Automated Compliance

Smart contracts programmably enforce jurisdictional regulations such as buy lockups, sell lockups, and limits on non-accredited investors.


Gain access to global investor pools through our ecosystem of exchange partners and use hyper-fractional ownership to divide your security tokens in ways traditional securities can’t.

New Asset Classes.

Raise capital from an expanded pool of investors with innovative financial products designed to fully utilize the benefits of truly digital securities.

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