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The Security Token Standard

ERC1400 was born of the need for consistency in how we build, issue, trade, and manage security tokens.


What it does.

ERC1400 combines new and existing standards with the goal of creating a unified framework for all security tokens. It builds off of our ST20 protocol as an extensible and flexible set of standards for:

Core compliance components.

Document handling and notification

Security token controls and permissions including delegation and forced token transfers

Partial fungibility - improving transparency for investors of their ownership rights


Building Industry Consistency

Increased transparency.

Forced token transfers and partitioned balances promote transparency and auditability, reducing the risk of bad actors and improving regulatory acceptance.

Streamlined due diligence.

Stakeholders like exchanges or custodians no longer have the onus to complete technical due diligence.

Expanded range of supported assets.

Publicly traded equity and bonds, or traditionally illiquid assets like private placements, real estate, fine art, or synthetic asset baskets.

Improved user experience.

Investors can easily understand why trades fail and what’s needed for compliance.

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