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When you join the Ethmint team, you’ll see we’re not a regular startup. From our workplace culture and the work ethic that inspires us, we’re looking for people who work smart, ask hard questions, and want to be a part of a team set on disrupting the financial industry.


A tokenized cap table removes legacy middlemen and improves processes to reduce overhead, admin work, and transfer time.


Protect your investors with a perfect record of ownership on-chain at any time.


Smart contracts programmably enforce jurisdictional regulations such as buy lockups, sell lockups, and limits on non-accredited investors.


Gain access to global investor pools through our ecosystem of exchange partners and use hyper-fractional ownership to divide your security tokens in ways traditional securities can’t.

New Asset Classes.

Raise capital from an expanded pool of investors with innovative financial products designed to fully utilize the benefits of truly digital securities.

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Awards & Accolades

Industry recognition for our thought leadership in and approach to security tokens.

Lendit Fintech Industry Awards 2018

Most Innovative Blockchain CEO — Trevor Koverko

BlockTalk Awards 2018

Leading Global Fintech Innovators

2018 Fintech100 - Emerging 50


UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019

Most Promising Partnership Finalist


MakerDAO prize


Aztec prize


Main EthGlobal prize, ENS, Torus prizes


CaptureTheFlag prize

ETHWaterloo 2

Metamask, Pepo, Chainlink prizes


Ethmint developers have consistently shown we're a hackathon team to be reckoned with.


They say if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. At Ethmint, I'm definitely in the right room. Working at Ethmint has been an amazing experience working with incredibly smart and passionate individuals around the world to build products to unlock global access to wealth creation.

Jeremias Dias, Chile -- Full Stack Developer

Before Ethmint, I was just a heads-down recruiter. In a short span of 8 months, I’ve grown into a more well-rounded HR professional, implementing policies, establishing sound practices and driving our hiring strategy. That’s what you get here at Ethmint- boundless opportunity to grow and a runway to stumble, fall, dust yourself off and charge forward.

Harry Sivalinkam, Toronto -- Recruiter

As Ethmint's first hire, I’ve had a front row seat on the Ethmint rocket ship for 2+ years and I couldn’t be happier. Every day, I get to tackle new and interesting problems, building the future of finance with the most intelligent and hard-working people I’ve ever worked with.

Graeme Moore, Toronto -- Head of Tokenization

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